Mary Linda Miller


Mary Linda Miller is an author and small press publisher currently residing in Orlando, Florida.

Her writing includes a novel Liminality: The Fox Woman's Child, which combines Japanese mythology and religion with mid-20th-century American history; the series Terry Trackhoe Adventures, illustrated by Carmelo L. Monti, AIA emeritus, which are children's early-chapter books; poetry that can be found in three anthologies; four books of genealogy and family history; a technical manual for interpreting American with Disabilities Act Design Standards for the Hawaiian State Commission on Persons with Disabilities; and a technical manual for corporate civil engineering AutoCAD drafting standards written in Phoenix. She and Carmelo Monti also published a book of photography An Hour Over Denali after viewing Denali National Park from the air.

In addition to cover-to-cover design for her own books, Mary also helped with editing, proofreading and book design for other work, including a cookbook for Risen Savior Lutheran Church, Jason Monti's comprehensive A Dictionary of Japanese Counting Words 日本語数詞英和辞典, and Carmelo Monti's collection of cartoons Is Your Mind Like Your Hair?

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